Throw your Christmas Event at Vale Martinho


Casas Vale Martinho is available to host or plan your private Christmas Event! Gather your family, friends, or your co-workers and create a unique event to celebrate this festive season on the best way: among the most important people for you, or perhaps in an experience that will create a more unified team through a laidback gathering with the people you work with all year.

A Christmas event is one of the best ways to celebrate this festive season, or, perhaps, close the work year with the people you spend the most time with. For your Christmas event, we have many options, or you can adapt them to what you would like to have. You can pick your favorite dishes you’ve tried with us, or pick a theme that you like, there are various possible ideas, and, as always, they’re tempting!

Contact us through the same ways you always do: or +351 962 381 968 and help us create the perfect Christmas event for you!